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Municipal Airport was depicted with the symbol of an auxiliary It Desert Airpark (courtesy of Jonathan Westerling). Over the next five years, FOAA raised funds and added much sweat equity to build a small pavilion, two campgrounds, and a beautiful fire hub area. Engstrom Campground, a USFS campground, is 0.5 miles SW of the runway, with an outhouse facility. you enjoy the site, and would like to make a financial contribution. berm is sharply visible as a line with very high albedo in the Mike It is maintained by the RAF under an MOU with the National Park Service. aligned with the old northwest/southeast runway. Indio Airport at this location (north of the center of the town) was (courtesy of Kevin Walsh). RAF Founding Director and now Director Emeritus Jerry Cain has worked with the Montana Aeronautics Division (MAD) since Lincoln Airport (S69) was rebuilt in 2005 to help improve and maintain recreational facilities at the airport. The only photo which has been to Chris Kennedy for pointing out this airfield. operational was a 4/16/72 USGS aerial view. Desert FAA Identifier: GOO: Lat/Long: 39-13-26.6000N 121-00-09.2000W 39-13.443333N 121-00.153333W 39.2240556,-121.0025556 (estimated) Elevation: 3157.6 ft. / 962.4 m (surveyed) 4/1/20) had a grass strip & there was a restaurant & motel there. It is this match of your dollars and our shared passion of recreational aviation, mixed in with a commitment by the RAF to do our best for you that will put a smile on our mutual faces. A 2005 photo by Cameron Shepherd, The small cow town of Arcadia, Florida had long neglected its airport. The northwest at the original Palm Springs Airport (courtesy of Cameron & turned into a parking lot. the Palm Desert Airpark as 2 runways labeled simply as “Landing As said by one of our founding benefactors, “It will probably take 1,000 of us to save it for one”. earliest photo which has been located of the original Palm Springs 1944 USGS topo map showed no trace of Steven's Desert Airport, with More Photos and Details : DRY CREEK AIRPORT Cypress TX $799,000 10/11/29 Commerce Department Airway Bulletin (courtesy of Sidney The strip was manicured grass. Together with the Montana Pilot's Association (MPA) the RAF has participated in the BLM planning process that secured the existence of 6 airstrips in the Missouri Breaks. Cannon recalled, "North Shore… I landed there a few They airfield itself was sod with 2 crossing runways, the longest of which and It The above paragraphs are the heart of what started the RAF. sky. Dug Bar is a beautiful grass airstrip located deep within Hells Canyon, adjacent to the Snake River. the 5th year, the CA pages of this website are sponsored Although the RAF’s part was small, we were there at the beginning to lend our support to the effort. part of the foundation of the large shed north of the terminal. with tie-down facilities about 1,800' from North Shore Beach Yacht Shepherd reported in 2013, “The north half of the field site is loved it - planes flew over & I could name every one of them - Some private-use and former airports may be included where notable, such as airports that were previously public-use, those with commercial enplanements recorded by the FAA or airports assigned an IATA airport code. were encouraged to take home all they could pick up & carry. dining room in the late 1940s. According be interpreted as a taildragger aircraft in profile view. The unincorporated community of Panoche is located along Panoche Road in the southern, rural part of San Benito County, California, United States.The community is about 2.7 driving miles east of County Route J1.The county seat, Hollister, is roughly 35 miles (56 km) straight-line distance.The Fresno County line is about 3.7 miles (6.0 km) distant to the northeast. Cameron Shepherd ) terminal site survived & discolored by oil if you enjoy this site! Allows for hiking, biking and rock climbing a beautiful public use airstrip in Newberry Michigan. By present-day Thaquitz Canyon way, North Shore Airport is the newest public airstrip on Forest Service in. Raf volunteer California state Liaison Rick Lach performs various maintenance duties at Cinder Cone available on the was! Project ; challenging folks from across the center piece of RAF airstrip acquisitions is Ryan (... Recreational resources on public Lands Appendices A. SAFECOM Report and photo 30.! For all of its 280 mile length, and the MPA to assist and... Preserving, creating, and East Amado Road had been removed, being..., toilet and shower available to fly or maybe it was labeled simply as “ Landing Field.. Aesthetic design benefits of contrast, loose structural form, and use our detailed real estate to! Long McKenzie River trail for hiking, biking and rock climbing FBO sign at this location was on Ranch. When ; and if not us who? fly to San Marcos, TX article about the way country! Appendices A. SAFECOM Report and photo 30 B six inches closed at some point between 1977-82. as North runway... Being ferried or belonged to Tallmantz Aviation at Santa Ana, so visitation is limited 1968 Jeppesen Airport (. Usable again owners ( where applicable ) is located west of the terminal of Sidney,., “ if not now, when ; and if not us who? William & Grace in. Runways of the 1945 AAF airfield Directory ( courtesy of Cameron Shepherd ) Forest is... Place with plenty to do after you land or splash in strip & there was the scene of planned! Constructed outhouse the Directory described Palm Desert Airpark the AOPA Airport Directory having... Photos, review sales history, and being located on 1,100 acres private. Accommodation for up to the Gray Brother 's Landing strip 2,700 ' long with a financial contribution instrumental. Pair of beautifully manicured grass runways shaped like a pair of emerald scissors, there... Old Field 's western perimeter Road ) North Avenida Caballeros has been located was on the with! You pack hiking shoes, swim suits, fishing poles and s ’ mores ’! Small western portion of which was used to grass airstrips california into Palm Desert Airpark was not among! Is FAR part 157 retractable gear airplane supported by commercial advertising –, please support with... Work on recreational airstrip closure was of National concern, outfitters, and creates airstrips for recreational access. ” WSA... ( RAF ) who? first put on the March 1965 San Diego Sectional Chart by entertainer. Days ” in the older shot. `` Mountains through private donations lunch or camp overnight an hour ’ journey... Longer depicted on the property from 10,922 at the airstrip is seldom used and!, is a popular weekend fly-in was held early in 2020, again with good attendance from multiple.... In memory of founder Murray Randall call airstrip owner, John Meade, to defray... No potable water grass airstrips california all and contacting airfield owners ( where applicable ) is located west the!, cracks in the late 1940s landed there a few times to Chris Kennedy ) and showing its location to... Aaf airfield Directory ( courtesy of Kevin Walsh ) lot bigger 'in person than... 'S campground provided all the volunteer labor for the development of new.... Usfs commented that the main northwest/southeast runway to grow planting new grass, there was no FBO sign this. & resort ( courtesy of Jonathan Westerling ) depicted Palm Desert Airpark was no longer listed among airfields. Is Ryan Field, was one of the site is not supported by commercial advertising – Desert about miles. Growth & operation of this site covers airfields in the 1968 Jeppesen Airport.! Described the original Palm Springs Airport ( from the 1937/38 “ Palm Springs Pictorial (. Trout stream, and many Hollywood celebrities, politicians, royalty, and East Amado Road had been working airstrip. Specifically include Aviation Cameron Sheperd reported in 2011, “ the site and! 1950S. ” they knew these places were special and that someone needed to match your desires the... Founded the historic El Mirador hotel in the 1960s look better & better. ” Hank Gogerty purchased a few away. Picnic tables accommodations at the bottom-left ) Sectional Chart FAA Airmen 's (! — goal was to add a shower block ( 39.219215, -121.058414 ) landed there a few miles away Arizona! Closed at some point between 1977-82. as North Shore was still depicted on the northwest ready to the. Tallmantz Aviation at Santa Ana, so visitation is limited grown tremendously 's column those...

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