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bInnovator International is a leading global independent consultancy specialising in AV, IT, acoustics, audio systems, digital signage, surveillance, access control and display solutions. Our services also include specialist project management and high level strategic planning. bInnovator  adds value at every step of the way, successfully navigating through the technical minefield that is AV, IT and acoustics, avoiding expensive mistakes and misunderstandings. Being independent is the fundamental basis of Hewshott’s existence. Our mission is to add value and make a difference. We do this by providing the best possible solution, regardless of manufacturer, and ensure a solution is shaped by needs, rather than perceived limitations of technology. Our solutions start with very close engagement with our clients, seeking their goals and needs. This results in a solution that is individually designed and customised to meet the precise needs of each client, and that can be surprisingly cost effective. One of bInnovator’s key strengths is our global reach. We draw on our skills and experience from around the world on a broad range of projects and a diversity of clients. Each office, however, is small enough to be able to respond with flexibility and speed to the rapidly changing nature of both technology and projects, both large and small.

bInnovator has a strong ‘can do’ culture, but our work is structured and considered. We have  a strong internal control and peer review process. We actively seek feedback and incorporate lessons learned into every project we undertake.

  • Demonstration of quality assurance in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO9001 QA.

  • Improved efficiency through centralised project documentation, management and control.

  • Better customer experience and management

  • Effective risk management strategy

  • Competitive advantage and broadened market scope for contracts and tenders (especially government)

  • Enthused and engaged staff management who contribute to the documentation processes

  • Providing Integrated solution to mitigate any threat perception

Audio Video :

AV systems are found everywhere today and are often taken for granted.  AV usually forms a significant cost to any new project, but how can this be quantified?

bInnovator’s principles of independence and accountability were borne out of our founders’ frustrations when working as the client on a major AV project.  Successful AV is not just about the equipment, it’s foremost about how it is used.  Whether this is in a city high rise, a school, a lecture theatre or a concert hall, it always comes down to how people use it. As one of the world’s foremost independent voices in the AV market, we have assisted thousands of customers around the world in achieving success with their AV solutions, which have gone on to serve their needs for many years.

 Building projects are often complex, with multiple disciplines working together.  To provide a solution and develop a system that is both architecturally integrated and technically strong, it is vital that the right advice is sought, and the earlier the better.  AV has emerged as a complex area that is little understood with high dependencies on IT and Acoustics.  bInnovator is uniquely placed to bring these three disciplines together.

 AV should be familiar, intuitive and virtually transparent, thus performing the ultimate role, working for the client.

 It is one of the most visible aspects of interior design, and when correctly integrated will enhance a space. bInnovator’s expertise has been used by world class architects and designers to complement the architecture without sacrificing the need to deliver at a technical level. bInnovator’s staff have strong backgrounds in architecture, performing arts and technology and are uniquely placed to glue together technology and architecture.

 With many years of experience across the world, operating from two offices worldwide, we bring consistency in design and delivery to our clients no matter where they are or what they need.

 bInnovator’s expertise is frequently found throughout the world:

Video conferencing – individual rooms to campus-wide enterprise solutions

Meeting rooms – boardrooms, telepresence, training and seminar rooms , AV integration

Critical Mission– PAVA system design for critical mission application ensuring zero down time

Any space, Any application: If you share with us the drawing and application of any space we can deliver you with appropitae solution.

Integrated Surveillance and Access Control Solution:

bInnovator’s principles of independence and accountability were borne out of our founders’ frustrations when working as the client on a major security related projects. Our motto is to provide customised solution to meet the customer’s expectations. Hence we at bInnovator follow an integrated approach to mitigate any threat perception.

Integration is a technology concept gaining plenty of momentum among developers, engineers, and end-users alike. At one point, interoperable systems were a luxury—either you needed to have the ability to purchase a suite of hardware and software all from the same vendor or you needed to perform some really complex installation work. These days, integrating security systems has become a necessity for many security professionals. One of the most common instances of this is when CCTV systems and access control are integrated to work alongside one another and on the same platform.

From a user perspective, the need for open-architecture technologies seems clear: this allows, and even promotes, different technologies to interact with one another, even if they were manufactured by different people. This lets security professionals pick and choose the best of the best while not having their hands tied by incompatible tech, but it also often makes installation faster and easier.



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