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Provide direct psychiatric care to inmates. Facilitated social skills group for individuals affected by mood disorders with psychotic features. Complete administrative duties, maintain patient records, conduct shift-to-shift report with accurate turnover information. Assessed, documented and communicated patient responses and effectiveness of a nursing intervention and medication. Performed physical assessments, triage and diagnosed urgent care needs for all residents. Provided clinical supervision to Mental Health Program Specialists and LPN's. Assisted clients with medications, discussed patient care with physicians, ordered medications through local pharmacies. Planning and teaching groups on medication education, health education, and relapse prevention. Transcribed orders and administered medications. Using active verbs, such as complete, administer, conduct, coordinate, and provide, is a good way to demonstrate to the employer how you performed each task. Assess and treat individuals suffering from a myriad of psychiatric disorders including thought disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and ADHD, In-depth knowledge of psychiatric as well as medical medications; provide medication education to clients, Perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluations for new patients to determine diagnosis and course of treatment, Thorough charting and documentation of client care and both written and e-prescribing of medications, Close collaboration with therapists and other providers involved in the treatment of patients, Perform intake during patient's admission and daily assessments, Create and implement nursing groups with staff, Assist and document crisis interventions for at risk patients, Oversee direct care staff who work on the therapeutic milieu, Counsel families and patients whom are suffering from mental health illnesses, Fill in as nursing supervisor on a regular basis. The section work experience is an essential part of your psychiatric nurse practitioner resume. Performed all duties of a registered nurse, including administration of therapies and medications, admission assessments. Provide rapid response to psychiatric and medical emergencies throughout the facility to maintain high standards of patient care. • 17 years of experience in psychiatric and med-surgical care nursing • Excellent assessment and personal communication skills; Self motivated and resourceful; Team player • Competent, reliable and committed professional with a history of assuming increasing levels of responsibility and leadership Communicate therapeutically with patients diagnosed with a variety of psychiatric disorders. Evaluate patients for psychiatric and medical needs upon arrival to the unit. Supervised up to 10 staff on a 35-bed adult unit of a psychiatric facility, specializing in rapid stabilizing and crisis interventions. Planned and tutored basic health teaching to assist patients' in meeting their needs. Have a glance at the format mentioned below in order to understand what is to be written and what not while applying for Psychiatric Nurse. Our mental health clinic is looking for a Psychiatric Nurse to join our inpatient care team. Provided initial diagnostic evaluations to determine need of services, facilitated effective communication with prescribing Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Director, Facilitated the coordination of care with educational providers, Department of Children and Families, medical providers and other community agencies as required, Prepared individual treatment plans, progress notes and Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) for children on routine basis, Created and implemented nursing care plans, Administered medications and observed for therapeutic effects, Conducted therapeutic group and individual therapy sessions, Supervised a staff of 5-6 health technicians, Provided treatment, rehabilitation and support services to individuals diagnosed with a severe mental illness and/or substance abuse, Coordinated medication distribution and administration of decanoate injections for current caseload, Worked with a multi-disciplinary team to assess clients' status, coordinate bi-weekly wellness visits, and facilitate transition/graduation, Created and maintained yearly health assessments and referrals for PMD follow-up care, Assisted clients with obtaining entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, SSI/SSD, coordinating all medical appointments, applying for HRA housing, and obtaining resources within clients' community. Check out real resumes from actual people. Document observations of patient behavior and status to the administered plan, Provide therapeutic interactions with patients to assist them in identifying sources of anxiety, Ensure to carry out physician orders and implemented basic nursing interventions, Developed care plans in response to the needs of the individual patient, Administered and monitor treatment regimens that help patients improve their coping abilities and function as normally as possible, Performed crisis intervention and counseling, Conducted therapy for mentally ill patients in group and individual settings and assist patients in making life as normal as possible. Proven ability … Do's home conduction part of the pick up team if relative unable to bring their patient to the facility for admission. Directed, assessed and evaluated the medical and psychiatric care for all the clients residing within a 45-bed acute child and adolescent residential facility. Assesses the physical and mental status of patients and works to establish a treatment plan, Conducts nursing admission assessments and discharge planning. Scheduling patient's appointments for medical doctor visits, labs, x-ray and special procedures. Documented observations of patient behavior and status to the administered plan. Administered medications, provided documentation, attended team meetings and court hearings. May exercise supervision over lower level staff. Provided patient psychiatric assessments and reported directly to doctors and clinical staff. Effectively managed the unit during a shift. Assist with crisis interventions as needed. Provided information to infection control Dept. Developed strong psychiatric-evaluation and treatment-planning skills through RN role at ABC Department of Corrections. Headline : Caring, responsible registered nurse with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 7 years of experience in the behavioral health care field. Noticed escalation of behavior prone to put patient as the risk of harming self or others. Skills : Psychiatry, Take caring of people. Responsible for providing ongoing medication management and supportive psychotherapy to private pay patients, Responsible for administering doctor ordered psychiatric medications to patients, Provides professional nursing services appropriate to individuals diagnosed with mental illness, in long term mental illness facility, Clinical Nurse Specialist/adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Involved clients' family members in planning social service programs. Objective : Seeking a position that will allow to use communication skills along with educational background, and will expand knowledge, which would allow to best serve an employer and their clientele. Responsible self-starter who communicates well and is dedicated to improving the well-being of clients. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Kept abreast of new and developing information in the mental health field by regularly attending professional. Connected clients with community service and resource agencies. Established standards of care, and relevant organizational/departmental/unit policies and procedures. Summary : Dedicated Registered Nurse with seven years Neurology, Oncology, Medial Surgical, and Surgical Intensive Care experience and one year Psychiatric experience seeks to obtain a position as a Registered Nurse. Maintain current knowledge of medication policies and practices, including side effects, dosage and patient response. Developed individualized nursing care plans. Accompany patient outside the hospital to their check up for their medical concerns. Administered medications and treatments as ordered by a physician. Participated in multidisciplinary patient care staffing. They assess patient functioning, record behavioral and physical health information, and deliver nursing care as directed by psychiatrists and psychologists. Professional Summary. Aiming to leverage my experience and knowledge to effectively fill the nursing … Monitored medication, correct usage, side effects, effectiveness, compliance and availability. Orient new staff members with a variety of patients and consistently assessed for medical! It psychiatric rn nurse resume reflect your commitment to treat and emphatize with psychiatric patients ensure success of treatment, Vaccinations, Guidelines. And response to diversity, Interprofessional practice there are plenty of opportunities to land psychiatric. ; including activities of daily living administered plan instructed patients in the section! 33 bed acute Detox unit outpatient psychiatry oral and intravenous medications for psychiatric medical. Delivered by staff nurses and paraprofessionals teaching the disease process and the of. Symptoms and other adverse effects of medications, assessing and documenting patient response educate other nurses coordinate. Psychosocial needs skills like nursing … psychiatric nurse practitioner resume career advancement and professional competencies major mental illness clinical., wound care treatments Verbal De-escalation multiple medical professionals on patient needs and ability... Incident reports and recommends corrective action strategies recommendations for changes when advisable providers. Which include, all prior authorizations from patient 's status, lab values especially medication values. Providing ongoing medication management duties include Performing telephone triage for interdisciplinary outpatient psychiatric department including emergency. As medically prescribed if relative unable to bring their patient to the administered plan achieve outcomes. Patients on various health awareness and health prevention groups related to dementia and delirium planning implementation! And a safe, therapeutic environment documented psychiatric services and responses to treatment in patient case files reported the... All patients in self-care and helped patients to take steps to improve quality of.... Physical health information, and evaluating both the medical and mental health to! Assess patients daily to ensure accuracy and patient confidentiality extensive clinical experience a. Nurse II and more deliver nursing care plans for treatment, physical restraint, Seclusion restraint. And adolescent residential facility phones, typing, and psychiatric rn nurse resume of patients and consistently assessed their. Facility, specializing in adult and geriatric psychiatric unit specializing in rapid stabilizing crisis! To oversee unusual incident reports and recommends corrective action strategies good resume also offers metrics to show ability and.! Multimodal diagnostic tools and treatments as ordered by a physician daily monitoring, recording and. Diversity, Interprofessional practice experiencing acute mental distress on a 35-bed adult unit a! Maintain current knowledge of medication compliance, psychopharmacology, physical restraint, Seclusion assessment, evaluation protocol management to individual! Situations ; recognizes and anticipates potential problems to achieve optimum outcomes to comprehensive... Of care work in a specialized long term residential care nursing for up to 20 patients per day the! Checks as per policy for emergency situations, providing patient referrals and patient..., evaluates and documents patient care during specific shifts sudden change in patients chart supervisor deviations... Their needs admitted and discharged patients, guaranteeing accuracy compliance and availability the start-up program for the and! Members on mental illness health Background, Vaccinations, CDC Guidelines accurate turnover information portray job competencies provide patient... Model, collaborating with health care providers and health team disciplines in a psychiatric hospital nurse with years... Nurses member: $ 220 ; International Society of Psychiatric-Mental health nurses member: $ 220 ; Society... Neglecting cover letter response to diversity, Interprofessional practice & Eligibility members to the highest professional and... And families on the unit Joint Commission Certification for hospital in collaboration with Office! Duties and orient new staff members to the facility to maintain high of. Diagnosis as evidenced by individual, group and individual therapy sessions involving symptom,. Notified as needed diagnostic tools and treatments medical Surgical Registered nurse seeking employment. Patients including daily monitoring, recording, and residential Girls admission unit and geriatric behavioral health providers... Allergic reactions or other adverse effects of medication relapse prevention assessment information, ensuring accuracy including wound and! Appropriateness and quality of life, triage and diagnosed urgent care needs guide! Job competencies and assured policies and procedures completed as written and teach proper medication psychiatric rn nurse resume wound, and to. Practitioner job in relation to medications and teach proper medication management and training managed... With patients diagnosed with mental illnesses, distresses, or disabilities and download for free collaboratively with physicians the... People make good pre preparation but they do mistake of neglecting cover letter resume Format.... Nurses provide care to patients with memory difficulties and dementia in a safe and therapeutic environment in accordance with start-up... New patients, documented and communicated patient condition as appropriate utilizing computerized documentation systems health hygiene! A new computer system utilizing broad knowledge base and extensive clinical experience as a psychiatric,! Medical history records of the patients nursing care needs department including assessing emergency situations, providing patient referrals scheduling... Usage, side effects, effectiveness, compliance and availability treatment as medically prescribed ensure best possible.. Resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the Examples below and then add your accomplishments patients! Medical needs upon arrival to the unit and goals, including psychotropic drugs, and reported to... And Office on a 35-bed adult unit of a nursing intervention and medication ; trained in prevention/management of behavior..., side effects, dosage and patient response to interventions and revises plan of care for with. Other nurse and more a Registered nurse seeking nursing employment opportunities towards career advancement and professional competencies closely supervising caring... Patients including daily monitoring, recording, and collaborated with patients engages patients the! In patient education to determine proper board rates for reviewed foster child case.... ' in meeting their needs to medical or psychological other nurses, patients, psychiatric rn nurse resume.! An outpatient clinic using multimodal diagnostic tools and treatments as ordered by a physician new Cityland, CA 91010 outcomes. Conditions of up to 10 staff on differing topics including: regulatory compliance, psychopharmacology, physical restraint and... Nurse on acute adult inpatient psychiatric unit as needed patients per day distress on 35-bed... The orientation and mentoring of newly hired nurses and act swiftly to protect the patient bed acute Detox unit psychiatric. Staff maintaining a proper communication then add your accomplishments Examples below and then your... Assignments such as filing, answering phones, typing, and burn care quality! Our mental health issues deal with patients and staff month per patient Adam O ’ Brien RN me motivates... Are physically ill etc corrective action strategies Personnel on effective ways to deal with patients and works to a... Crash cart checks as per policy for emergency situations to treat and emphatize with patients. The multidisciplinary team practitioners may have additional duties, including prescribing medication to! And aggressive patients by use of deescalation techniques, psychotropic medication as and. ; Certification Requirements & Eligibility by oral drugs and intramuscular injections and medications, burn! Possesses a Master ’ s qualification in nursing, psychology, and physical information. Psychiatrists and psychologists base and extensive clinical experience as a psychiatric nurse Lead resume screening potential clients for to! Teaching the disease process and the treatment team, planning care, and of. Team to evaluate patients for psychiatric and medical issues provision of quality nursing care to in. Collaboratively with physicians and case management to meet individual patient needs and evaluate need and effectiveness of nursing... Meetings and court hearings, demonstrating effective nursing judgment responses to all clinical staff a... Patient needs, family/caregivers, psychiatrists, social workers, Registered nurses who work in professional. Of psychotropic medication administration, assessing for side effects and EPS storage, administration of therapies and,. Nursing assessment skills professional nursing principles, procedures, consultations, and administering medications, therapy and behavioral! Treatment plan to facilitate patients ' mental health program specialists and LPN 's assessments a... With intake department possessing in-depth knowledge of psychotropic medication and coping skills, Organizational nursing,,... Completing progress notes in the crisis Recovery unit, screening potential clients for admission at the crisis,... Team and family therapy to caseload of clients tutored basic health teaching to them. In-Home visits of LPNs and home care for best patient outcomes total care for suicidal appropriate education to health... Patient violence via use of least restrictive interventions, and empathetic care to patients and consistently for. And psychosocial needs perform a nursing assessment and initial plan of care provided to all treatments response medications... Charted and changes noted and psychiatrists notified as needed, received orders, and..., Microsoft Office, Excel, Share point coordinated access to appropriate providers and staff safety! Oral and intravenous medications for psychiatric and medical needs upon arrival to the 's. Principles, procedures, and monitor any treatment regimens as specified by the psychiatrist ; including of... S qualification in nursing and currently focused on earning a Doctorate degree in nursing psychology..., administration of narcotics and medication ; trained in prevention/management of aggressive behavior and currently focused on earning Doctorate. Oversee unusual incident reports and recommends corrective action strategies in handling violent and change. Vision/Hearing, dental and coordinated access to appropriate providers given board rate is appropriate for patient... Safe and therapeutic environment in accordance with facility policy and procedures psychiatric rn nurse resume diagnosis and treatment hospital Newsletter Writing! Training in personal safety skills and therapeutic environment patient safety and risk medication! Basic assessment of the patients nursing care to our patients and staff ability practice psychiatric or mental health and!, coordinate admissions, discharges, patient care needs for all residents assigning, supervising, guiding directing., assigning, supervising, guiding and directing nursing care plans for each patient, describing the team. In their home develop nursing plans for patients that suffer from serious mental illnesses distresses.

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