NEO PA/VA EN 54-16

The EN 54-16 Public Address and Voice Alarm System LDA NEO is a compact, all-in-one, cost-effective unit.

Its plug-and-play philosophy, reduces time and costs as it makes very simple the installation, maintenance and operation of the system.

NEO represents cutting-edge technology in EN 54 PA/VA systems and uses innovations that ensures its viability in the present and in the future.

Currently NEO is the first and only EN 54-16 certified system made in Spain.


Making the difference

More reliability and durability

Apart from being a certified EN 54-16 (0370-CPR-3261) system, NEO was made to last and to be highly reliable. It has high quality and durable components plus offers specific features that go way beyond the minimum requirements to obtain the certificate.

Easier to use, install and maintain.

NEO is a compact system with plug-and-play philosophy, that includes in just one equipment of 2U what normally other manufacturers require several items. NEO includes 8 amplifiers, a digital audio matrix (40×1024), line supervisor, back-up amplification, double message player with 4GB, HQ audio over Ethernet and a touch screen among other features.

Easier to scale

NEO is very easy to scale. Either locally, just by direct connection of NEO-Extension units with Ethernet cable or in a distributed way by using Ethernet switches.

More flexibility and integration options

NEO can be easily integrated and can communicate in an open way with third-party systems (by using UDP Ethernet commands, by RS-485 or contact closure relays).

HQ Audio over Ethernet

NEO natively includes audio over Ethernet, it can publish its audio inputs or receive up to 32 extra audio outputs from the network of very high quality audio (48Khz, 24 bits) in real-time without noticeable delay.

Web-based control

NEO allows a web-based remote and intuitive control from the data network. Thanks to SIME software, the operator in central control point can easily control and monitor several NEO systems.


+Colour touch screen of 4,3”It offers a fast and intuitive access to all the main functions of the system.

+Supervised emergency microphone
Integrated Push-to-talk (PPT) microphone of high quality and supervised (connection and capsule).

+Monitor Loudspeaker
The audio inputs in NEO or the audio routed to each zone can be monitored in real time with this built-in speaker.

+Dual pre-record message player
With an internal memory of 4GB, NEO can store hundreds of messages and play them manually or automatically. 2 different messages can be played at the same time in different zones.

+Internal Digital Audio Matrix
Digital Audio Matrix 40×1024, that allows a simultaneous and independent routing of any of the audio inputs to any of the zones.


+ 8 class-D amplifiers built-in 
8 x 120W @ 100V allowing up to 8 independent zones with one piece of equipment.

+Back-up power supply connection
Connection with the EN 54-4 battery charger.

+Contact-closure interface with Fire Detection Panel.
12 supervised contact closure I/O and inputs per zone.

+8 outputs for attenuators control

24V output signals for deactivating automatically up to 32 LDA AT volume attenuators

+Line monitoring and built-in back-up amplification
NEO can detect open circuit or short-circuit in all its amplification lines and optionally, it can use its 8th amplifier as back-up for the rest.

+ACSI bus interface
It allows the connection of up to 8 remote devices in the ACSI bus, either MPS-8Z microphones or VA Panels VAP-1.

+8 EOL device inputs

Optionally, it is possible to connect EOL device inputs to detect any problem in the speakers line.

+ 5 balanced analogue audio inputs
Any of the audio inputs in NEO can be routed independently to each zone thanks to its internal digital audio matrix (40×1024). Additionally, NEO can receive up to 32 more audio inputs.

+ 14 GPIO for advanced integrations
Thanks to the advanced event generator included in the NEO Configurator software, it is possible to combine, with logic operations, GPIO signals in order to perform any action in the system.

+8 pre-amp audio outputs
8 audio outputs that duplicate the audio signal that is present or routed to each amplifier/zone.

+RS-485 interface for advanced integrations
NEO can easily send or receive RS-485 commands for creating advanced integrations with other systems.

+RS-485 interface for Fire Detection Panels
Specific RS-485 interface for advanced integrations with Fire Detection Panels.

+ Triple Ethernet port
It allows the reception and sending of Cobranet Digital Audio (up to 32 more audio inputs), a remote control and supervision, integrations by the use of UDP commands and the redundant connection with NEO Extension units.


Multiple NEO systems can be connected in a data network and centrally controlled/supervised with SIME Control software. The system allows you to use NEO Control and SIME Control simultaneously.



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