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Our Solution

We cater to the needs of Dum Dum Jail by providing surveillance system in their premises.

Products List – Infinova CCTV camera products are used for the purpose. Please visit the Surveillance System for more information.

1.Infinova : VS210-A4-Y0 – HD megapixel intelligent starlight WDR IP Box camera. 

2.Infinova : VH324-C402-P011 – HD IR IP Minidome Camera.

3.Infinova : VH211-A40B-A0 – HD Megapixel Smart WDR IR IP Bullet Camera.

4.Infinova : VS231-A530-B061 – HD Megapixel IR IP PTZ Dome Camera.

5.Infinova : Camera Accessories : V1573-A – Wall Mount for VS351 Integrated Camera and V1405-10SHB-A, V1405-10SHBP, V1405-11SHBP, H/V adjustable for housing.

6. Infinova : Camera Accessories : V1405-11SHB-IR-2 – IR Camera housing, Indoor/outdoor.

7. Infinova : Camera Accessories : N3921-12D-1 – AC to DC Power Supply.

8. Infinova : Camera Accessories : V1182-1140-C8R – Lens.

9. Infinova : Camera Accessories : V1761K – Wall Mount for VT230/VT231/VS231/V1770NR Series PTZ Super Dome Camera.

10. Infinova : Camera Accessories : N3922-24D-3 – AC to DC Power Supply.

11. Infinova : NVR : V3073-64K16E-R – Network video recorder, up to 64-ch video inputs.

12. Infinova : Software : V2217_SMS_CM_W03 – Per Channel Security Management System Central management license without remote backup feature.