AMP203 - 6 Reasons Why

AMP203 – 6 Reasons Why

June 30, 2020 08:00


Why choose the AMP203 as your next Dante mini stereo amplifier?

AUDAC Touch™ 2 compatible

The AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier is completely controllable through AUDAC Touch™ 2. AUDAC Touch™ is a complete but user-friendly app that allows easy zone control, volume management and many more from one customizable dashboard.

*Compatible with AUDAC Touch™2.2.2 or newer.

Power over ethernet

The AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier is using PoE, ensuring the amplifier receives both its power as a signal through one single networking cable. This way flexibility is maximized while needed cabling is kept at a minimum.

Compact housing

The AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier is using extremely power-efficient technology, allowing it to be housed in a very compact enclosure. This ensures any hum or buzz caused by a fan can be easily eliminated.

Mounting possibilities

Various mounting possibilities allow the AMP203 to be mounted under a desk, in a closet, on the wall, on top of a dropped ceiling, or to a 19″ equipment rack. This makes the AMP203 the perfect solution for compact to medium-sized applications in corporate, hospitality, or retail environments. MBS1xx Setup box installation accessories

TouchLink™ technology

The AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier features the brand new Touchlink™ technology. This ingenious system that can be used for creating virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink™ compatible devices such as the AMP203 with each other.

Decentralize your system

With the help of the AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier in combination with the AUDAC Touch™ 2 app it is possible to create a decentralized multi-zone system. By simply connecting the AMP203 to the local network and connecting the loudspeakers, a new zone can be introduced to your system.