ATEOM series design loudspeakers

ATEOM series design loudspeakers

June 1, 2023 08:30


Bright sound, effortless installation

Impressive sound, impeccable design, and superior installers’ convenience are just a few reasons WHY you chose AUDAC’s ATEO loudspeaker series over the past ten years. With the latest product update, you can add weatherproof for outdoor use to that list!

AUDAC, a Belgian pro audio manufacturer, announces that their flagship range of loudspeakers is getting a redesign that will allow them to be all-weather resistant.

The ATEOM series is a range of extraordinary loudspeakers especially designed for fixed-install indoor & outdoor applications, ranging from modern residential applications to the most demanding designer applications in environments such as retail stores, pubs, restaurants, or even clubs. Thanks to the patented CleverMount+™ mounting technology, these loudspeakers have the advantage of making the speaker cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket providing great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity. A separate bracket base provides a safe installation of the loudspeaker.

AUDAC has now optimized the loudspeaker by introducing an aluminum grill with hydrophobic mesh behind it to achieve an IP65 rating. The overall ease of installation was also further optimized, resulting in a much faster, more reliable, and safer choice for a wide range of low- and high-impedance applications.

This way, the new outdoor proof bracket allows the loudspeaker to be clicked into its proper place, guaranteeing a flawless installation at a record time.