AUDAC Product Development

AUDAC Product Development

July 13, 2020 08:30


In AUDAC’s endeavour to continually improve the customer experience, we would like to inform you about the following new software & hardware updates that we have released.

MMP40 – v1.13.1

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  • Support added for iTunes AAC M4A files.
  • A synchronised display and web folder order.
  • Removed OGG recording option.
  • Removed WAV 48KHz stereo recording.


  • Ticking in WAV recording
  • AV recording are no longer corrupted if the USB stick is full during recording.
  • Forwarding/rewinding some WAV files could cause playback issues.
  • Improved folder navigation
  • Improved timeline information
  • Improved single play
  • Improved fast forward and rewind
  • MP3 recording
  • Multiple small bug fixes

Known limitations:

  • WAV recording requires a high-speed USB stick. MP3 recording is recommended.
  • File play order is defined by the USB stick write order and not alphabetically. You can use FatSorter” to sort files alphabetically on USB stick.

XMP44 – v1.5.4

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  • Improved special character handling
  • Several bugfixes related to MMP40

MTX – v3.2

Product Pages:

  • MTX48 4-zone audio matrix
  • MTX88 8-zone audio matrix

Hotfix for mute and volume issue introduced in v3.1

  • Mute/unmute can cause unintended input selection change.
  • Changing volume when Remote input 1 or 2 is selected causes unintended input change.

IMP40 – v1.2.0

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  • There is now support for radio servers that send data in chunks (HTTP 1.1). This caused distorted audio on specific radio stations.