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Distribution Busway/Busduct

With a full-line of complete busway accessories & fittings, TBC busway system is able to reliably distribute power to all areas of the building/facility. Amongst the fittings available include: flanges, elbows, “T” joints, offsets, combination elbows, tap boxes, expansion joints, adaptor joints, wall/floor flanges, etc.

The plug-in openings are rated to IP54/55.  Also, the TBC plug-in units (PIU) provide and deliver flexible power to the various load connections.  The PIU’s are designed to accommodate the various MCCB models (brand neutral), and are safe & easy to install.

Product Features:

  • 600-6400A (Cu); 600-5000A (Al)

  • up to 200% Neutral

  • Class F (155 deg C) insulation material

  • Fully insulated busbars

  • plug-in units / tap-off units (TOU)

    • plug-in type: <630A

    • bolt-on type: 630A to 2000A

  • spring hangers for vertical risers


  • Small & compact product footprint (space saving)

    • ideal for facility retrofits & upgrades projects

  • 90-degree turns (no bending radius)

  • low EMF/EMC

  • safe, flexible and customizable busway and plug-in units (TOU) to fit various MCCB brands/models 

  • optional power metering & temperature monitoring