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EASE Address
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EASE Address
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EASE Address

EASE Address


EASE Address is a software that allows the modeling of acoustic sources, distributed loudspeaker systems in particular, in two dimensions. It only considers the direct field, created by the addition of the sound contributions of the individual loudspeakers. EASE Address can be used for 70V/100V systems and also for low impedance systems.

The purpose of EASE Address is to provide both the integrator, who needs to quickly develop a simple design for a ceiling loudspeaker system, as well as the developer with a tool that allows the easy and quick prediction of the system performance in a given hall.

The software uses GLL files which have all necessary loudspeaker information. AUDAC has licensed its ceiling speakers’ GLL files, so they can be used free of charge in EASE Address.

The design of EASE Address is targeted to our end-user, but also at engineers. It consists of an intuitive and consistent interface, which agrees with modern user interface design principles. The applicability of EASE Address is quite extensive compared to conventional 2D ceiling loudspeaker simulation software.

The scientific base of EASE Address stems from EASE, the professional electro- and room acoustic simulation software developed by Ahnert Feistel Media Group. EASE Address is also created by AFMG.


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