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Feeder Busway/Busduct

TBC’s cast resin busway is the ideal solution for outdoor-indoor feeder connections between incoming transformers, or generators, and switchboards. With an Ingress Protection rating of IP68, TBC busway is ideal for outdoor installations and does not require additional canopy or shelter. The busway joints are fully encapsulated to prevent water penetration, and to eliminate possibility of condensation build-up, thus providing a safe and reliable power connection. These advantages of TBC busway provide a lower total installed cost to the project owner and/or contractor.

Product Features:

  • 600-6400A (Cu); 600-5000A (Al)

  • up to 200% Neutral

  • Class F (155 deg C) insulation material

  • Fully insulated busbars — with optional casted/encapsulated joints (proprietary design that allows future modifications)


  • IP68 Ingress protection for outdoor applications (no canopy/shelter required, eliminates condensation)

  • Fire resistance

  • Ex.m.II.T5 explosion-proof rating

  • Seismic certified

  • Small & compact product footprint (space saving)