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CaptureVision System

Lumens CaptureVision System LC200 is an innovative media processor that allows you to record and
create live streaming by mixing, encoding , and switching up to 4 HDMI or 3 IP video sources, and 4 audio
sources. The LC200 can backup video files to a content management server or stream to most cloud video
servers. It is applicable for use in education, corporate, government, healthcare, house of worship, and other

Key Features

Supports 1080p 60/30fps recording
• Supports 4 HDMI Inputs and IP video sources including Lumens IP cameras, and standard RTSP streams.
• Supports HDMI-embedded audio or analog stereo audio with 4 channels Audio Input mixing and gain control.
• Flexible scaling and window processing, supports PIP, PBP and up to 4 windows layout and mixing
• Advanced Scenes Switch
• Webpage and plug n play GUI Director Interface
• Built-in 1TB HDD storage or optional 2TB HDD

Optional Accessory
Product Specifications
Lumens LC-RC01 remote control panel, a wall plate for the LC200 to control the live streaming, recording, and video file saving options. The panel provides three macro functions that can remotely switch the scene and control the cameras preset. The LC-RC01 can be extended to 30 meters through a Cat 5e cable. It can be mounted on walls and furniture in any standard one-gang US/EU A/V frame enclosure. Equipped with a USB port, it supports USB flash drives to record or backup video files. The LC-RC01 offers greater flexibility for operating the LC200.