MZW 71


Velourised foam windshield

This velour foam windshield is made from open-cell foam and provides exceptionally good rejection of wind and pop noise as a result of its specially treated finish. Using the accompanying set of plugs (Cat. No. 43154), it is possible to identify the windshield according to colour. It is suitable for the MKH7 60.

Top Specs

  • Weight (g)                                90

Tech Specs


Height (mm)                                     320

Length (mm)                                     75

Master carton height (mm)           410

Master carton length (mm)           600

Master carton weight (g)                2700

Master carton width (mm)             600

Weight (g)                                           90

Width (mm)                                       75

Package Depth (mm)                       75

Package Height (mm)                     320

Package Weight (g)                         90

Package Width (mm)                      75