NMP40 - Audio Streaming SourceCon™ Module by AUDAC

NMP40 – Audio Streaming SourceCon™ Module by AUDAC

April 29, 2020 14:00

AUDAC’s NMP40 – Audio Streaming SourceCon™ Module is a revolutionary audio streaming solution that allows you to connect your professional audio installation with the industry’s leading streaming services.

This module works with industry streaming leaders, including Spotify and compatible Soundtrack Your Brand allowing the user to stream music straight to your professional sound system directly from the cloud while using your computer or mobile device only as a controller. Soundtrack Your Brand allows you to connect your professional audio system to the world’s largest catalogue of licensed music for public and commercial spaces. Spotify allows users to access the most popular streaming service on the market. More streaming services will be added in the near future.

This module is a great addition to the ever-growing SourceCon™ range that AUDAC has to offer. Earlier SourceCon™ modules, for example, internet radio, voice files are already used worldwide due to their modular character and versatility.

While keeping true to the SourceCon™ mindset the NMP40 can easily be installed in a compatible device such as AUDAC’s XMP44 (SourceCon™ Professional Modular Audio System) without the need for additional configuration or setup. Installation is easily done by sliding the modules into guide rails. This allows a simple and fast installation without requiring additional internal wiring or complex configuration.

When inserted, the module its plug & play, the module is instantly installed, discovered, and ready for operation. The same counts for its discovery in the preferred streaming solution. If the module is connected to the same network, it will be automatically discovered on a mobile device or computer and the option to choose it as the output device will be available.