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Push-to-talk Microphone LDA ONE-PTT
Dynamic microphone that allows to have an easy access public announcement input
ONE-LOOP communication module
Mini PCI-e format expansion module for ONE systems
Card charger ONE-BC1
Battery charger card EN 54-4 for ONE-500
12 V & 17 Ah battery for ONE-500
Wall mounting kit LDA ONE-WMA
Wall mounting kit for LDA ONE-500
Fixed mounting for 19” rack.
Rack mounting kit LDA ONE-RMA
Rack mounting kit 19″ for ONE-500
Microphone LDA MPS-8Z
The MPS-8Z is a high performance 8-zone digital paging station for the PA/VA system NEO.
Keyboard LDA MPS-8K
Keyboard expansion unit for MPS-8Z microphone
The A-1 is a high performance desktop microphone for professional Public Address systems.
Accessory LDA TFL
Filtered load impedance to improve speaker line accuracy in 70/100 V lines
Voice Alarm Panel LDA VAP-1
The VAP-1 offers a remote and supervised control of the VA features of NEO.
Keyboard LDA VAP-8K
The VAP 8K is an expansion keyboard for the Voice Alarm Panel VAP 1.
Blank Block LDA VAP-1EC
Blank block for voice alarm panel VAP-1
Wall-mounted rack cabinet 19″ and 4U with glass front door and lock
Wall-mounted rack cabinet 19″ and 6U with glass front door and lock
Red wall rack for VAP-1 EQ-242057
Red wall-mounted cabinet for VAP-1
Multisource player RCD-21R
High quality Radio + CD/MP3 (USB/SD) Multi-source Player
AT Series Attenuators
Attenuators for volume regulation, with priority input.
Suface mount back box for series AT attenuators
Surface mount back box for AT series attenuators