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Control Room Products
Multiple Purpose Programmable System Keyboard


V2117 series system keyboards are compatible with Infinova series matrix switchers/controllers, PTZ cameras, and digital video recorders, with desktop or rack mounting ways for option.

The V2117 series system keyboards are capable of handling video switching, system setup, menu programming, PTZ control, alarm acknowledgement, salvo switching, DVR/NVR control, etc. There is a user login feature for added system security. RS-485 and Manchester code outputs allow for direct control over Infinova series receiver/drivers or dome cameras. DVRs can be controlled through the RS-485 interface, or NVRs can be controlled through the network interface. The 3-D joystick can control either fixed or variable-speed pan/tilts. The lens key allows for control of motorized lenses, including: iris (OPEN/CLOSE), focus (FAR/NEAR), and zoom (WIDE/TELE). The LCD display window indicates site number, camera number and monitor number, as well as any digital inputs from the keyboard. A built-in beeper will alert operators of system errors.

V2117 series system keyboards can establish Ethernet or bi-directional RS-232 communications with Infinova series matrix switching systems. Six different baud rates are provided to work with different major matrix switcher/controllers. The keyboard also provides four system status LED indicators.


  • Built-in RS-485/Manchester control code generators, allowing direct control over site receivers or PTZ Domes
  • DVR control through RS-485 interface
  • NVR control through network interface
  • Communicates with matrix switching system through RS-232 or Ethernet interface
  • User-friendly design with clearly labelled operation keys
  • Video input/output switching ability
  • 3-D joystick for controlling motorized pan/tilts and lens at variable speeds
  • Capable of programming, starting and controlling System/Monitor Tours and System Salvos
  • Convenient monitor arming/disarming and alarm acknowledgement
  • Easy preset defining and camera call-up
  • Camera lockout capability



Keyboard, Matrix/Dome/DVR/NVR control, LCD display, 3-D Joystick, RS-485/Manchester/ Ethernet/RS-232 ports, 120 VAC/60 Hz


Keyboard, Matrix/Dome/DVR/NVR control, LCD display, 3-D Joystick, RS-485/Manchester/ Ethernet/RS-232 ports, 230 VAC/50 Hz


Technical Specifications


Communication Protocol                    RS-232, Ethernet
RS-232 Baud Rate (bps)                       1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
RS-485 Baud Rate (bps)                       1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Matrix/ Dome outputs                          Manchester, RS-485

Input Voltage                                         120 VAC/60 Hz, 230 VAC/50Hz
Power Consumption                            4.5 W

Dimension (H×W×D)                          2.7″ × 13″ × 7.9″ (68mm × 330mm × 200mm)
Package Size (H×W×D)                      6.5″ × 15″ × 11″ (165mm × 381mm × 279mm)
Unit Weight                                          6.17lbs. (2.8 kg)
Shipping Weight                                  8.4lbs. (3.83 kg)

Operating Temperature                      32°F~140°F (0°C~60°C)
Operating Humidity                            0~95%RH (non-condensing)

Certifications and Approval
Product Certifications                         CE; FCC; UL; ISO 9001:2008