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VEXO series - Did you know?
Why choose AUDAC's VEXO series as your next high-output 2-way loudspeaker?

AUDAC outlines 9 reasons...

1.Unlock a world of possibilities
2.A complete series
3.Impressive driver composition
4.TouchLink™ compatible
5.WaveDynamics™ & live processing
6.Available presets
7.Energy-saving standby mode
8.Clever mounting
9.Integrate the VEXO series into any system
AUDAC launches high-output loudspeaker - VEXO Series
Empowering Clarity

Introducing the VEXO family consisting of six models: VEXO110(A), VEXO112(A), and VEXO115(A) which are available both in active and passive versions. The low-frequency transducer, which is made out of high-quality materials, is combined with a 1.7” voice coil compression driver, enabling high sound pressure levels and a tight driver response with a rotatable 90° x 70° coverage pattern for a wide range of applications
10 Reasons Why to Choose the ARES5A
Why choose the AUDAC ARES5A as your next 2-way active speaker system?

1.Variety of inputs
2.Sleek design
3.Versatile mounting options
4.Clear and powerful sound experience
5.MBK455 mounting bracket
ARES5A – 2-way stereo active loudspeaker
ARES5A is a brand-new dynamic loudspeaker pair consisting of an active and passive speaker model. Quality components were used to construct this two-way loudspeaker, resulting in a 5 ¼” woofer and a ½” high-frequency tweeter. The construction together with an integrated DSP ensures an extremely clear and powerful sound experience for a wide range of applications.
Boundary Clock Features Now Available
Exciting update from Luminex!

Luminex will be showing many new and exciting things at two upcoming tradeshows: the NAB show in Las Vegas and the Expo-Scene in Montreal, Canada.
Unlocking Converged Networking: The Seamless Symphony of Luminex, GigaCore, and Araneo
A powerful alliance has emerged in the ever-evolving landscape of networking solutions: Luminex, GigaCore, and Araneo. Unravel the intricacies of their collaboration, offering a comprehensive perspective on networking that encompasses AVB, audio, video, and lighting protocols.
AUDAC Releases compact dual-channel power amplifier
AUDAC, a Belgian pro audio manufacturer, has launched a new range of compact dual-channel power amplifiers for commercial use. The SCP Series half-rack amplifier can be used in stereo or bridge mode. Five models are available with power ratings ranging from 120W to 1,000W.
Luminex launches a new addition to their range of touring grade pro AV ethernet switches: the GigaCore 10t
Luminex, the leading manufacturer of professional AV networking solutions, will launch a new model, the much-anticipated half 19” Pro AV ethernet switch GigaCore 10t, at LDI 2023.