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This range of digital paging microphones offers a variation of programmable function/zone selection buttons, from 1 up to 16. They can be combined with various types of audio equipment, including matrix systems (Analogue and networked) and relay units.

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Did you know? MFA series – 20 reasons why
Why choose the MFA series as your next commercial all-in-one audio solution?

1.5-in-one solution
2.Microphone input for Public Address
3.Compatibility with Soundtrack your brand & Spotify
...to see all 20 reasons, click read more below...
AMP203 uses TouchLink™ Technology
At AUDAC, a team of professionals is continuously looking for new technologies to make our solutions as installer-friendly as possible. As a result of this, our new AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier will come equipped with a brand-new innovation called TouchLink™.
AMP203 - 6 Reasons Why
Why choose the AMP203 as your next Dante mini stereo amplifier?

1.AUDAC Touch™ 2 compatible
2.Power over ethernet
3.Compact housing
4.Mounting possibilities
5.TouchLink™ technology
6.Decentralize your system
Introducing the AMP203 Dante Mini Stereo Amplifier
Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC is proud to release the brand new AMP203. The AMP203 is a revolutionary mini stereo amplifier featuring network input through Dante or AES67 providing a complete media networking solution to distribute uncompressed audio via standard Ethernet networks with near-zero latency while allowing all other data to be connected on the same network.
Boundary Clock Features Now Available
Exciting update from Luminex!

Luminex will be showing many new and exciting things at two upcoming tradeshows: the NAB show in Las Vegas and the Expo-Scene in Montreal, Canada.
Unlocking Converged Networking: The Seamless Symphony of Luminex, GigaCore, and Araneo
A powerful alliance has emerged in the ever-evolving landscape of networking solutions: Luminex, GigaCore, and Araneo. Unravel the intricacies of their collaboration, offering a comprehensive perspective on networking that encompasses AVB, audio, video, and lighting protocols.
AUDAC Releases compact dual-channel power amplifier
AUDAC, a Belgian pro audio manufacturer, has launched a new range of compact dual-channel power amplifiers for commercial use. The SCP Series half-rack amplifier can be used in stereo or bridge mode. Five models are available with power ratings ranging from 120W to 1,000W.
Luminex launches a new addition to their range of touring grade pro AV ethernet switches: the GigaCore 10t
Luminex, the leading manufacturer of professional AV networking solutions, will launch a new model, the much-anticipated half 19” Pro AV ethernet switch GigaCore 10t, at LDI 2023.