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CMA142 Cluster mounting set 2 x ATEO4 speakerCMA144 Cluster mounting set 4 x ATEO4 speakerCMA162 Cluster mounting set 2 x ATEO6 speakerCMA164 Cluster mounting set 4 x ATEO6 speaker
CPE100 Rack Mount Handles For 100V Power Amplifiers - PairCSK100 Pendant ceiling suspension kit for NELO seriesDSC100 Connection cable with dual steel core, snap hook & open ends - 10 meters.DSC70 Connection cable with dual steel core, snap hook & open ends - 7 meters
GFC06 Gypsum flush mount installation ring for CELO6GLI05 Front grill for CIRA5 and CALI4 series speakers with cloth & outdoor treatmentGLI06 Front grill for CALI6 series speakers with cloth & outdoor treatmentGLM02 Front grill for MERO2
GLM05 Front grill for MERO5GLM06 Front grill for MERO6MBK101 Wall mounting bracket for bass cabinetsMBS1xx Setup box installation accessories
WMM20 In-wall box for MERO2 for concrete/brick wallWMM630 In ceiling/wall back box for flush mount ceiling speakersWB50/AF Adapter frame for WB50 to 3-gang US standardWB3102/FG Wall mounting box Flush mount - hollow wall
WB3102/FS Wall mounting box Flush mount - solid wallWB3102/SW Wall mount box for VC3xx2WB50 Wall box for DW5065/WP523/MWX65WB50/FG Flush mount box for AUDAC wallpanel - hollow wall
WB50/FS Flush mount box for AUDAC wallpanel - solid wallFBS125 Fiber optic cable - st/pc - st/pc - LSHFFBS125_C Fiber optic coupler - st/pc - st/pcOPT2 Optical fiber kit
CLA530 Loudspeaker cable - terminal block - terminal block (2p - 5.08mm)CLA830 2 x terminal block - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)CLA832 2 x RCA/Cinch - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)CLA834 2 x XLR male - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)
CLA835 2 x XLR female - 2 x terminal block (3p - 3.81mm)WB200 Surface mount wall box for WP & DWP series - 80 x 80 mm wall panel
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AMP203 uses TouchLink™ Technology
At AUDAC, a team of professionals is continuously looking for new technologies to make our solutions as installer-friendly as possible. As a result of this, our new AMP203 Dante mini stereo amplifier will come equipped with a brand-new innovation called TouchLink™.
AMP203 - 6 Reasons Why
Why choose the AMP203 as your next Dante mini stereo amplifier?

1.AUDAC Touch™ 2 compatible
2.Power over ethernet
3.Compact housing
4.Mounting possibilitiesMounting possibilities
5.TouchLink™ technology
6.Decentralize your system
Boundary Clock Features Now Available
Exciting update from Luminex!

Luminex will be showing many new and exciting things at two upcoming tradeshows: the NAB show in Las Vegas and the Expo-Scene in Montreal, Canada.
Unlocking Converged Networking: The Seamless Symphony of Luminex, GigaCore, and Araneo
A powerful alliance has emerged in the ever-evolving landscape of networking solutions: Luminex, GigaCore, and Araneo. Unravel the intricacies of their collaboration, offering a comprehensive perspective on networking that encompasses AVB, audio, video, and lighting protocols.
AUDAC Releases compact dual-channel power amplifier
AUDAC, a Belgian pro audio manufacturer, has launched a new range of compact dual-channel power amplifiers for commercial use. The SCP Series half-rack amplifier can be used in stereo or bridge mode. Five models are available with power ratings ranging from 120W to 1,000W.
Luminex launches a new addition to their range of touring grade pro AV ethernet switches: the GigaCore 10t
Luminex, the leading manufacturer of professional AV networking solutions, will launch a new model, the much-anticipated half 19” Pro AV ethernet switch GigaCore 10t, at LDI 2023.